CSC Insurance Exam answer key

CSC Insurance Exam answer key

CSC Insurance Exam answer key
CSC Insurance Exam answer key

CSC Insurance Exam answer key :- आप अगर एक CSC VLE हो तो आपके लिए बड़ी खुश खबरी है अब सिर्फ RS - 1 रु में CSC Insurance Service Active कर सकते हो , साथ में जो एक छोटा सा exam होता है उस Exam का answer key भी यही पर मिलेगा , आप के Digitalseva पोर्टल में Insurance activet नही है तो लास्ट तक पढ़े और निचे दी गए विडियो भी जरुर देखे : 100% Insurance Service Active होगा 

Not :-  Exam में 25 Questions आने वाला है यहाँ पर सरे Questions And Answers मिल जायेगा | 11 से 18 तक Questions And Answers Text के रूप में मिल जायेगा बाकि जो बचा वो आपको नोचे PDF फाइल Download लिंक मिल जायेगा 

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दखो 👇11 से 18 तक Questions And Answers 

------- Questions -----------

Q.11 An insurer is bound to furnish details regarding .

Q.12 . How breath of utmost Good  faith occure in a contract of insurance?

Q13  in property  insurance Insurable  interest must exist at the time of _______
Incepton and  loss both

Q .14 Generally a person seeking insurance writes a form to the insurer and  applies for insurance . This form is known as ______

Q.15 In any contract if there is an offer and acceptance , what is the third condition that must be fulfilled to make it a complete contract ?

Q16 A fact that influences a prdent undetwriter ?s decision to Accept the risk  or not is known as __________

Q.17 . Gautama gets his tractor insured  for a sum  saying that the tractor is two years Old . But in an Accident , when the tractor become a total loss , the isurer comes to know that the said tractor was 10 years old  . The insurer can reject  the claim stating ______

Q18 Indemnity means a guarantee or an assurance to put the insured  in the same position in which he was imediately prior to the happening of the contingency insured . That means the  insurer undertake to .

---------- Answers -----------

11, Ans. All the above three
12, Ans. through both of the  above 
13, Ans. Incepton and  loss both
14, Ans. proposal form 
15, Ans. Consideration
16, Ans. Material fact 
17, Ans. Non - Disclosure of material fact
18, Ans. Make good the loss 

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रजिस्ट्रेशन कैसे करे EXAM कैसे देना है विडियो में देखे 

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